July 11

Your Loved One IS Not A Commodity

Is healthcare a commodity?

As much as some of us do not like to admit it, when something like healthcare is a quarter of the U.S. economic output, it certainly is a commodity. Services are exchanged for money. Some services cost more than others and at times costs can be prohibitive to treatment. Health care is a sensitive issue, especially when a loved one is sick. When that day does come, we no longer look at health care as a commodity, but as a need. It is important to remind healthcare providers though that our loved ones are not a commodity – they are people with personalities, needs, and a unique outlook on life. When our loved ones become sick we seek treatment and care and expect a certain amount of compassion from our care givers. We always expect the service we receive to be top notch regardless of economic status or disposition. Unfortunately, this not always the case. The healthcare industry is one of the largest with a reported $3.4 trillion dollars spent in this country in 2017. It’s an industry that is constantly becoming more complex and offers less personalized care as years pass by. So what can we do to prevent our loved ones from being treated like just another number? How do we find compassionate care when so much of the industry has become depersonalized? When deciding on care, look for specific signs that the establishment has a knowledgeable and compassionate staff:

  • Do your research: Search the internet for reviews and testimonials.
  • Treatment as an individual: An establishment should find ways to interact with their patients on a personal level while conducting themselves in a professional manner; Sharing personal experiences, explaining complex information in a thoughtful manner, and providing guidance for difficult situations can go a long way in humanizing the healthcare experience.
  • Finding common ground with the patient: Empathy, caring, and compassion can be found with caregivers who interact on a personal level with their patients.

Even though the healthcare system is in a constant state of change, it is still possible with the right information and the right advocacy to experience compassionate care in the right venue. Don’t let “the system” steal your loved one's humanity and your sanity. Take the time to research and communicate with your establishment of choice to make sure they are a fit for the type of care you need. Better yet, if you feel that the process is overwhelming, give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

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