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George Zink

Client Liaison

George Zink, Client Liaison

“Engage. Connect. Inspire.”

George joined Archer Law Office in 2013 to interact with prospective clients, engage community resources in the field, and to increase awareness of Archer Law Office’s mission. He helps caregivers realize they are not alone in the struggles that they face with their loved ones. George, like everyone on the team, brings a wide, varied set of experiences to the table.

George is a graduate of Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey), and served proudly as a military policeman in the United States Army during the Vietnam era. He then spent over 20 years working in Mercer County government in various positions including Assistant Budget Officer, Deputy Director of Public Safety, and Comptroller for Mercer County Geriatric Center.

In 2012, George retired from county government to care for his in-laws who were in failing health. At that time, George became one of Carl’s clients, engaging him to assist in securing Medicaid benefits for George’s father-in-law. Through that experience, Carl and George forged an excellent working relationship, and in 2013 Carl asked George to join the firm. Since that time, George has used his marketing and community outreach expertise to grow the firm. Under his expertise, the firm has worked toward its goal of helping caregivers ensure the best possible outcomes for their loved ones.

George’s Words of Wisdom

We truly care about you and you are now part of our family.

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