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If you ask anyone except an elder law attorney what “elder law” is, you are probably not going to get a clear answer. Part of the reason is that elder law as a practice did not really exist until about 30 years ago, and it has taken a while to get some of the basic definitions down. Most general practice attorneys are not well educated as to what elder law attorneys can actually accomplish for a family in need. The staff and attorneys at Archer Law Office describe their job as making sure elderly people and those with special needs have the resources (money, staff, caregivers, materials, any way it can be defined) they need to guarantee their loved ones high-quality medical care and their daily necessities. The firm does that for its clients while also preserving any governmental benefits to which they’re entitled.

What goes unsaid in that explanation above is that the elderly and special needs populations need to be protected in their most vulnerable times. Guardianships, special needs planning, and Medicaid are all ways the firm can protect these populations within the scope of the law. When a client comes to the firm without a clear idea of how they are going to give their loved ones the care they deserve, our Senior Living Resources staff are uniquely positioned to stabilize a precarious situation so that the legal staff can do what they do best. The Archer Law Office staff has a passion for this area of practice because each member of our team has a personal attachment to the population of elderly people, their caregivers, and those with special needs. Any good elder law firm or employee has a “story” for why they do this every day. Feel free to ask us about ours. In the meantime, feel free to read more about some of these practice areas describing what the firm can do for your family:

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