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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Caregiving is an enormous responsibility and can carry enormous weight on your shoulders. Worrying about your loved one's health and well-being, finances, and navigating the medical system can be exhausting. You may feel that you are having trouble balancing caregiving with your own life.

A very steep learning curve prevents you as the caregiver from knowing what questions to ask and steps to take to manage a situation without having gone through it several times (and nobody would wish that upon you). Family caregivers may need to realize that a geriatric care manager can provide several services that will help alleviate these responsibilities and stress.

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How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help?

A geriatric care manager is a health and human services specialist trained in several care management fields, such as nursing, social work, and psychology, and can help advocate for your loved one. They can even supervise the overall care of your loved one. Generally, geriatric care managers are either educated as social workers or nurses and have clinical experience in those fields.

A geriatric care manager can offer guidance in decisions on the living environment, home modifications to provide a better living and care environment, and even decisions on important life changes for your loved one, such as whether or not he or she should stop driving or needs to move into a nursing home. They can attend doctor's appointments while ensuring medical orders are followed and unnecessary hospital visits and stress are avoided.

Important Factors To Consider

Caring for your loved one can be pretty expensive. Even though a geriatric care manager does not come for free, he or she can help you develop a plan to avoid unnecessary costs and act as a liaison between your elder law attorney, financial planner, and loved one. They can help "speak doctor" and cut through many of the complications and ambiguities that occur when many people are staffed and assigned to someone else's care. They do not provide legal or financial advice, but they will often know how to maximize insurance or governmental benefits to pay for the best care possible.

If your care manager establishes a good enough relationship with your loved one, he or she may also be privy to concerns that your loved one may have been afraid to share with you him or herself. As always, check the credentials of the care manager you are considering hiring. Make sure they are certified by the proper boards and check references. It is equally important that the care manager has good chemistry with you and your loved one. If you feel that you could benefit from having a geriatric care manager to assist you with the many interactions you're facing with medical professionals and the environment your loved one is in, give us a call. We will make a recommendation for you at no charge at all.

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