May 28

Hello, World!


Hello World

When someone learns how to code in a programming language, the first program’s goal is usually just to print the words “Hello, World!” I would like to think I’m a little farther along with my blogging skills, but it still requires a measure of discipline and upkeep to maintain the blog’s content. So here’s my first attempt, and hopefully there’ll be a lot more to come later.

I am an elder law attorney, and while I know something about a lot of areas of law, and I know a lot of people in law and other disciplines, I don’t practice in other disciplines. I feel that my focus on elder law and associated issues (some estate planning, some litigation) makes it possible for me to hone my focus and keep up to date with even the slightest changes in the law. A general practitioner can give you access to a lot of legal issues but when they’re faced with a tough question they come to somebody like me. Or, unfortunately, they don’t – because they don’t know they’ve got a difficult problem in front of them to begin with.

This blog will cover a variety of areas of interest to my practice – elder law, veterans’ pension and advocacy, Medicaid, estate planning, guardianships, estate litigation, and maybe some non-legal or amusing topics sometimes. I’ll try to keep it short, but the issues themselves might be more complicated or require more explanation. If you ever feel that they do, call me or email me and I’ll do my best to make it all make sense.

All bloggers realize at some point that they owe a great debt to their readers for the privilege of their attention. I will do my best to earn that attention with timely, interesting articles. I appreciate your time and your interest.

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  1. Tell it, Carl. A generalist can point someone in the right direction when things become especially complex. A niche practice allows a professional to offer something special to the public. It’s satisfying work and clients receive something that is otherwise difficult to come by.

    Congratulations and go for it!


  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Would love to cross share articles that appeal to both of our readers. 🙂

    Your specialization will make it so much easier for me to nkow wehre to go for the real deal on elder issues!

    (Please feel free to like the JN&B page.)

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