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People to Know: What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

People to Know: What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

I often tell clients that I see a lot of people in need of in-home care, but I don’t get into the specifics of what accommodations or care are needed in a home because “I don’t have the right letters after my name.” I try to make referrals to people that do, and one of the first calls I make for clients is to a professional called a “geriatric care manager,” or GCM.

A GCM is a professional, typically a nurse or a social worker, who has a particular focus on providing their perspective on the way to provide safe and effective care to a senior. They are a terrific resource for children who are trying to help their elderly parents live on their own, or if children want to make modifications in their or their parents’ home to allow an elderly parent to remain at home. A GCM can also usually make an evaluation of a senior and determine roughly what level of care is needed, and whether any medical professionals are needed in addition to the standard non-medical home care that is often present.

An evaluation from a GCM is very affordable and provides great lasting value for a family. They can use the GCM’s report to create a lasting care plan that will reduce the cost of care and allow a senior to control their own living environment and situation for as long as possible. Connecting my clients to GCMs is usually only the beginning of the comprehensive services I provide, culminating in most cases with a Medicaid application for community-based or institutional services. I make house calls throughout the state, and I know professionals throughout northern and central New Jersey who can help seniors no matter where they’re located.

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