July 8

Family Reunions and Elder Law


This past weekend, a lot of people took Thursday (and Friday) off to enjoy fireworks, family reunions, and the festivities of July 4th and our nation’s independence. It was also a time where a lot of extended family scheduled their family reunions, and everyone got together at someone’s house or at a park or some other place. It’s a good time for family to see how everyone is doing, who has gotten married, had children, or moved on to a different career opportunity.

The family reunion is also notable oftentimes for who isn’t there. It is not uncommon for family members to stop showing up at these gatherings, because of mobility concerns or cognitive deterioration. When their caregivers are asked about it, sometimes the response is very defensive – or oftentimes no questioning is necessary because everyone has a pretty good idea what’s going on. Those elderly folks, and those caregivers, really need to talk to an elder law attorney.

I am not saying that one should actively seek out family members and preach to them, because that kind of direct confrontation is going to the opposite of the desired effect. Rather, look at your own situation or those of your immediate family – who is the caregiver? Likely, one or more of you are. Did you face any awkwardness at a recent family reunion as a result of the absence of a family member? If so, give me a call.

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