July 17




The Story

Carl’s Porch has become a unique dining experience that has come together through a friendly collaboration with Fiddleheads New American Bistro and Archer Law office.

Situated in beautiful downtown Jamesburg, New Jersey, Fiddleheads has been serving patrons since 1992. Providing excellent food and great atmosphere, Fiddleheads has been a destination for many people who are looking for a good meal and a night out. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit New Jersey, Fiddleheads had to change course and offer take out services to its customers instead of dining in.

Fiddleheads had another unique challenge when COVID-19 restrictions started to be lifted and outdoor dining was permitted. With no room to have guests eat outside, Fiddleheads seemed destined to only provide takeout.

Archer Law office, an adjacent business in a beautiful Victorian style building with a wraparound porch, offered to provide this porch for Fiddleheads outdoor dining.

You can read the MY Central Jersey article here or…

Give Fiddleheads a call and make your reservation for a night out you will sure, never forget.


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