July 29

Why Social Workers Can Be Your Friend


You and your social worker can be friends.

If you are elderly, a caregiver, or just a concerned family member, It is extremely important to understand why social workers in hospitals and other facilities (like nursing homes) can be your friend. The term social worker often leads to misunderstanding about their purpose. Especially in a long-term care setting, social workers are connected to insurance professionals and all of the services that will make life safer and more pleasant for your loved one. In order for people to truly appreciate what these social workers do, it is important to understand the role of social workers in hospitals and facilities. Basically, they identify the psychological, social, mental and emotional needs of your loved one, along with providing, developing, and aiding in the access of services to meet those needs.

Here are some important tasks and roles social workers are involved in:

  • Hospital leadership and mental health roles, community outreach
  • Initial screening, physical & psychosocial assessments, helping families along w/ patients, understand illness, role changes, social responses & treatment
  • Educate caregivers and maximize community resources
  • Prevent elder abuse in nursing homes and other medical facilities (including hospitals)

Being placed in a nursing home or hospital is not something most elderly people are accustomed to, nor do they welcome it. Social workers are advocates and counselors for your loved one. They can provide the medical resources you need, as well as patient and family assistance when it comes to financial and legal matters. Most important of all, the social worker will ensure that the best interests of your loved one are being met. They can provide counseling, help you understand you or your loved one’s illness better, and even help you deal with grief. Remember, the social worker is your friend. They are your intermediary between your loved ones and the medical community. We often stress about our loved ones being treated well in medical facilities, and we stress about them being taken advantage of. These social workers will work to ensure these needs are met and help alleviate some of that stress.

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