June 25

How Do I Know I Need an Elder Law Attorney?


How Do I Know I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

How do I Know I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

This is the most important question facing the elder law bar here in 2018. Dedicated, passionate attorneys want to help potential clients with planning and transition issues for themselves and the loved ones they care for, but most of the time people don't look for the help of an attorney until a crisis is in full bloom. Part of this is that elder law attorneys don't brand themselves well - what is elder law? It's a multidisciplinary practice that zzz....lost you already, didn't I?

Trying again: Elder law attorneys devote their practice to the legal and financial issues that the elderly and their caregivers face. They end up assuming many different roles, some of which are not really lawyer-specific roles. They can be tough litigators, conciliators, or mediators. They can shout for justice, or just cut through endless bureaucratic and regulatory nonsense. But most of the time people won't let us help. As with a lot of other professionals, the greatest threat to an elder law attorney's practice is not competition from other attorneys, but just simple apathy - people would rather do nothing than face the problems that may (will?) one day occur. Denying the problem means that isn't here - until it's just too big, and too scary, to face alone. By then, it might be really difficult, or really expensive, to fix.

A recurring theme of this blog is going to be things that clients say to me, or that I overhear caregivers say to one another or other professionals, that scream "I NEED AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY TO HELP ME!" The trouble, of course, is that I cannot physically knock sense into these people who desperately need it. I am hoping the blog, and any response it gets from the community, will have some role in increasing awareness.

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  1. This is an urgent situation for many people. I look forward to that recurring theme so that I may be on the lookout for someone who needs help and doesn’t know it. Thank you for being a stand for people who can’t advocate for themselves, Carl.

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