June 12

Don’t Bother Drafting a Will


Don't Bother Drafting a Will

I've said that before to my clients. A Will is not even close to being the most important estate planning document you can draft. Without a Power of Attorney, your assets and all of your decision-making is subject to a guardianship proceeding, which is expensive and ugly. It takes the authority for your life out of the hands of your family and may put those decisions in the hands of the Court or another third party. 

The most important thing to realize here is that a Power of Attorney does grant very broad powers, and should be only used when you trust the person who you are designating as your agent, but it's dead simple to draft and sign. If you have the ability to understand what you're signing, you can sign it and avoid the expense and embarrassment of a guardianship proceeding. I am happy to help with these for you - and I will do a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and, yes, a Will all for one flat fee. I will make house calls throughout Somerset, Mercer, and Burlington Counties, and if you ask nicely I will probably drive elsewhere as well. ​

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