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Can My Loved One Get Therapy in a Nursing Home?

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Can My Loved One Get Therapy in a Nursing Home?

Whether you're a caregiver or the one actually going, making the transition to a nursing home is a difficult task. One top priority families have when looking into a skilled nursing facility (and rest assured, you have a choice as to where you or your family can go!) should be what types of therapy programs the nursing facility offers.

If your loved one suffers from physical or mental challenges, ongoing interaction with therapists who can help improve both mental and physical functioning in patients should be a top priority when looking into a skilled nursing facility. It can often mean an enormous difference in a person's independence and quality of life.

What Types of Programs Are Available?

Nursing facilities may offer different programs, and it is important to ensure your loved one gets the right care that pertains to their specific needs. Most nursing facilities may offer physical, speech and occupational therapy.

However, some facilities have arrangements to bring in therapy dogs to promote calm and uplifting mental state. You will often see music therapy, reiki, yoga, or other activities that are widely believed to have a therapeutic effect. Such programs can design activities to stipulate cognition, build confidence and self-worth. You may want to ensure the facility offers programs that promote as much physical activity as your loved one needs. Physical activity has proven to improve overall health in people of any age.

An Overlooked Factor

One factor that families may overlook is the fact that older adults, as well as young adults, are often health-illiterate. Inadequate health literacy often correlates with increased health problems.

In order to promote positive health changes, it is also important to teach our loved ones about positive behavior changes which can help improve their overall health. This is another area you can look for in a nursing facility. Look for nursing facilities which promote health literacy in older adults, and include professionals who are trained to communicate such strategies to your loved one.

Finding the Right Program

Remember to ensure you choose the best facility that matches your loved one’s needs. Your main concern should be finding a nursing home whose main focus is to provide care for your loved one based on their individual needs and to provide them with as much choice as possible, as well as knowing how to communicate with your loved one about the importance of their well-being.

We routinely are a resource for caregivers who do not know which skilled nursing facility to choose, or who are told they must go to one place or another. We can help find a place that will maximize the well-being and independence of your loved one.

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