October 25

What Can You Do If Getting Out To Vote Isn’t Easy?

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What Can You Do If Getting Out To Vote Isn’t Easy?

As election time draws near we see more and more encouragement to get out and vote, to make our voices heard and help elect those who will represent us locally and nationally. But for elders and their caregivers, this instruction to get out and vote isn’t as easy as they make it sound.

Difficulty Voting

Voting in person requires being able to be mobile and alert during a specific window of time. Those who suffer symptoms of dementia may have days filled with clarity while others are not their best days. Who’s to say that a specific Tuesday will be the best time for important decisions to be made? Transportation is also an issue on the day of an election. Everyone without their own means to travel to vote are all looking to utilize public or private services at the same time. And if they are able to get to their polling place, sometimes that means having to navigate school parking lots and side entrances that are not easily accessible.

You Can Ask For Help

The people who staff voting stations throughout each town in the State are paid specifically to help screen for eligible voters, and to help people vote if they are having trouble. While you may expect them to help you if you are having trouble with a voting machine, that also means that they are able to help with mobility issues and accessibility issues with people getting around at the polling place. If you are a caregiver and need an extra hand getting your loved one where they need to go, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

An Additional Voting Option

In New Jersey, anyone can vote by mail rather than voting in person on election day. What was previously known as an absentee ballot no longer requires providing a special reason such as illness or travel. As long as individuals apply to vote by mail in time to receive and return the ballot for an election, they may do so for any reason. This is a tremendous resource for elders and their caregivers as well! Just like with many day-to-day errands, getting away for even just a short trip to vote can be difficult for a caregiver.


Your local election office can provide specific information for your area. For example, according to the Mercer County, NJ county clerk’s page on NJ.gov, applications for specific NJ counties can be downloaded in English or Spanish, but original copies with original signatures must be returned in person or by mail. It is important to apply early, so there is enough time for a Vote-By-Mail ballot to be sent to you. For more information or to have an application sent to you or a loved one, call 609-989-6494.

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