July 11

“But I Just Need a Power of Attorney!”

"But I Just Need a Power of Attorney!"

No, you don’t.

I get people calling the office from time to time claiming that they need to get a power of attorney signed RIGHT THIS MINUTE so they can do things on behalf of an ailing relative. I have tried to ask them, “Do you think you might benefit from talking about Medicaid and long-term care planning?” The response is either uniformly a blank stare or a brush-off – that’s not important, this is URGENT and why are you asking me this right now anyway?

There’s a good reason. People realize they need to get a power of attorney signed so they can act on someone else’s behalf, because that other person can’t do it for themselves. Most often they can’t act on their own because of a cognitive or physical challenge that will lead to some sort of long-term dependency, care, and perhaps skilled nursing or assisted living placement down the road. The time to plan or account for these problems is now, and every day or week that passes increases the risk that there are limits to the planning we can do.

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