March 23

3 Reasons Your First Option Isn’t Always the Best

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Crisis Management

Life is full of choices. From the model car that we drive, to the brand of bread that we make sandwiches with, we have options. But when facing a crisis involving a loved one’s medical needs, we tend to automatically trust that the first option is the best. Here are three reasons why that isn’t always correct.

Availability shouldn’t trump quality

If you are looking for a hotel, you may have several factors to consider such as location, price, and amenities. A vacancy sign shouldn’t be the only criteria. In fact, you may even ask yourself why it has rooms open when neighboring hotels do not. The same can hold true for decisions about a loved one’s care or living arrangements. There are many perfectly legitimate reasons why a care provider or facility would have availability and actively reach out to potential clientele through advertisement. However, the sole fact that they have availability shouldn’t jump them to the top of your list. Further research is needed to find out more and compare to other options. The aspects of actual care management should weigh more heavily than knowing they are taking new patients.

Is it the right fit?

Picture yourself shoe shopping. If you are lucky, you quickly find a pair in your size and in a color you like. Why do you try them on? Because a brand of shoe may be available in your size, but not cut to fit the shape of your foot. Now with shoes you only have to worry about fitting your feet, but when looking for a care provider or facility you have to fit an entire person! Your loved one has specific care needs and likes/dislikes. Maybe a care provider is the number one in your area for Alzheimer’s but he isn’t a fit for your loved one’s personality. Or you have an Assisted Living facility nearby that would make it convenient to visit, but it doesn’t have the activities your loved one enjoys. What are the chances that the first care provider or facility you discover would be a perfect fit? Before jumping at the first option, find out what needs and wants you are trying to fulfill and then research your options to meet them.

We want to have a solution, yesterday

It is human nature to want to solve a problem quickly. If your life is disrupted by a crisis, you want to do whatever it takes to get back to your regular day-to-day. If you needed a car to get to work tomorrow, would you walk away from a decent deal on a vehicle because it didn’t have the All-Wheel Drive feature you were hoping for? The need to resolve issues can cause settling, because the top priority becomes finding a solution instead of finding the BEST solution. When dealing with your loved one’s care, try to balance that sense of urgency with the duty to get it right. 

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